Biography 2000/2001

April 2000 : Exhibition at Mendelson Gallery (Washington Depot, Conn.)

1-2-3-4 June 2000 : Demos at "Artistic Woodturning Worlwide" in Puy St-Martin (France).

22-23-24 September 2000 : Woodturning Seminar in Luxembourg. Demonstrations: turning of woodflowers in roots of pistachio tree, turning of a translucent lampshade. Conference: How I turn my objects. Contact: Edgar Back. E-mail:

June 2000 / January 2001 : Exhibition "The fine art of wood at the millennium" at the Detroit Institute of Art, Michigan (USA).

February 26th to March 10th 2001 : Exhibition "Mastercraft Show" at Gump's Gallery, 134 Post Street, San Francisco, California (USA). Contact :

March 2nd to April 15th 2001 : Exhibition "Turned Multiples II" organized by the Woodturning Center of Philadelphia, USA. The exhibition will travel to Craft Alliance of Saint-Louis, Missouri, and Saskatchawan Craft Council of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Information :

March 3rd to 31st 2001 : Exhibition "Small Treasures"  at Del Mano Gallery, San Vincente Blvd.,
Los Angeles, California (USA). Contact :

May 21st to 25th 2001 : Exhibition "Artistry in Wood" at Ligna Plus in Hannover (Germany)

July 6th to 8th 2001 : Demonstrator at the AAW Symposium in St-Paul, Minnesota (USA). 3 demos: turning a woodflower, turning and cutting a "vegetable" sculpture, "how I make my pieces".

10-11-12 August 2001 : International Woodturning Seminar in Great Britain organized by AWGB, Loughborough (Leicestershire). 5 demonstrations and conferences.
Contact: AWGB, Ray Key. E-mail:

5-6-7 October 2001 : Demonstration at the seminar of the Irish Woodturners'Guild in Gort Co Galway, Ireland - Information :

November 13th to December 18th  2001 : Exhibition in Lyon , France (69) - Gallery "Arts & Créations" - 44, rue Sala - Tel: 33 (0)4 78 38 17 17 (with Jean-François Escoulen and Christophe Nancey)

December 8th 2001 to January 11th 2002 : Three pieces in the show "Turned Wood" in Sybaris Gallery - 202 East Side Street - Royal Oak, Michigan (USA) - Tel (248) 544-3388.

Pieces from Alain available at Del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, USA >